Are these stones real?
The question should be " Are you using the finest stones ? " , Here we are using the highest quality of each stone as we seek clients who are looking for the best product.
What type of silver are you using ?
We are using 925 Carat Turkish, Indian & Egyptian silver, Mostly Turkish as it has the finest finish.
Why your products are expensive?
You get what you are paying for, cheap products will never satisfy your needs, We aim loyal clients, So we always offer the best for the best.
I'm not persuaded, You are still expensive.
Well, You want luxury item? Yes? ,We are using highest quality of each component. In few points : Finest stones, Finest silver, Premium product finishing, Fancy packing, Warranty, Best after sale services & much more. As mentioned before we seek clients who's looking for the best, Are you one?
Can i check the product upon receiving
You have the full right to check what you are paying for even before you pay for it. if it doesn't suit you and it's not up to your expectations. Please refuse to receive it and kindly pay only the delivery fees " Check our policies "
Do you have warranty?
One year warranty, As we have great confidence in the quality of our workmanship, materials and designs, and because the satisfaction of our customers is our priority, we offer you a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects or quality of implementation, the warranty does not include damages resulting from negligence, violence or misuse in general.
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